our vision is to spread the enormous benefits of nanotechnology
to every walk of life, from antimicrobial textiles…

Nano-silver is the most commercially used amongst all nanomaterials. Its applications are virtually endless, spanning from antibacterial textiles and sportswear, to bedding and high hygiene underwear. The antimicrobial action of Nano-silver is based
on its small size, allowing it to invade the cellular membrane of bacteria and other microorganisms and kill them.

…antifouling and superhydrophobic
paints and coatings…

Copper nanoparticles are used in a variety of applications, including Pesticides, Herbicides and Anti-fouling coatings/paints.
Nano-functionalized Anti-fouling,allows prolonged exposure of marine vessels to sea elements, as the anti-bacterial action of Nano-copper slows down the growth of organisms attaching to the vessel’s hull. This significantly improves long term durability and performance, while minimizing the hazardous effects, of conventional chemical based anti-fouling, to the environment.

disinfectants and pesticides
for domestic use

Our unique production method allows us to extend the antimicrobial action of Nano-silver to a wide range of low cost products,
such as domestic animal bedding so that your animals do not pollute your home with residuals of their feces.

new generation cosmetics...

Zinc oxide nanoparticles are used in a variety of cosmetics like sunscreens as they are stable in sunlight
and provide superior UVA protection more than any other chemical sunscreen approved by the FDA. This allows sunscreen products
to be less visible and avoid stereotypes like the famous white “lifeguard nose”.

…to high end medical applications

Nanomaterials (Gold, Magnetic nanoparticles and Silver nanoparticles)have become an integral part of the arsenal in personalized medicine. Applications range from Tooth pastes to Parapharmaceuticals and Drug delivery, Anti-inflammatory implant coatings, Bio-sensors etc. Although most of these applications are still under development or undergoing clinical trials,
suppliers of such materials are limited worldwide.